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i’m sorry i’m one of those eurovision blogs that only posts before or after the contest. but im that international fan that sadly sees nothing eurovision pretty much always unless i watch my old contest dvds…


    Eurovision 2014 Challenge - best wind machine act

      friendly reminder, Conchita has said herself, she is not trans! Stop putting her in that category! She is a drag queen, and said in an interview she dresses up for fun and to spread awareness. 

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        Marco buying his own album x


          ‘cadere rotolandosi fino alle mura e allora mi chiederai se sei fuori dalla valle dei re 


              "That’s why I’m doing this."

                    Europals, what country are you from? Add your country and url here :)

                    Europals, what country are you from? Add your country and url here :)

                    • Philippines: absol-ute-disaster
                    • Finland: weareslavics
                    • United States: valentina-slaynetta jesc2014fan
                    • United Kingdom: elligranka missdorkface engafordoma anastazia-uk neonnocturnal thesaltydornishman apiv0rous alcoholisfree
                    • Indonesia: intergalacticwifi
                    • Brazil: brazilvision
                    • Australia: placeanurlhere light-yourfire
                    • Germany: eurovision-song-contest
                    • the Netherlands: waariswaylon TheLibke cepcepkuuku kindofsweeties
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                    • CANADA: canadiansoftie
                    • Germany: mrswheezyy
                    • Finland: latukahko
                    • Scotland: neiliscool
                    • Hungary: svenskaaa
                    • Ireland: prometovolver